Fundraising Tool Kit

Below you will find some fundraising tips and ideas so you will be able to fulfill (or exceed!) your SpeakUp Race Team $350 commitment. Be creative, have fun, and raise awareness of teenage mental health. The SpeakUp Race team is a group of purposeful athletes who want to make an impact on the teen mental health community. Your membership alone helps raise awareness of teenage depression and anxiety, and is one more step towards erasing the stigma associated with mental illness. 

Tips + Tools

  • RunSignUp: Individualize your RunSignUp page. Share your personal story and let people know why you joined the SpeakUp Race Team.
  • Share: Share your RunSignUp link on social media or in an email with your personal message.
  • Brainstorm: Brainstorm ideas for additional fundraising events to supplement your personal RunSignUp page.
  • Schedule an event: If you choose to supplement your RunSignUp efforts, schedule an event of your choice, and invite friends and family.
  • Say thank you: Sending thank you letters, notes, or e-mails to everyone who donated to your personal fundraising page or attended one of your events shows appreciation and reinforces their goodwill.
  • Keep us informed: Update CKG staff on how your fundraising is going. Please share stories, photos, and more. We would love to see how you raise awareness of teenage depression and anxiety.
  • Ask for help: If you feel like you need additional support, please contact Susan Lindsay at 804-528-5000, or email her at susan@ckgfoundation.org.




·       Bake sale

·       School or church fundraiser

·       Garage sale

·       Raffle

·       Golf outing

·       Car wash

·       Holiday-themed party

·       Sports bracket competition

·       Luncheon

·       Restaurant or retail promotion



Need a good starting point? Click below to download a sample letter that you can customize to represent you!



Still have questions or need help with your fundraising? Call or email us, we are happy to help!

Susan Linday - Race Operations Manager