Dr. Rob Green

Active Chiropractic

I’ll tell you that I went through a period of tremendous anxiety, so bad I didn’t know if I’d pull through. Turns out this happens to hundreds, thousands, millions of people every day. Did I know that at the time? No. Would it have helped if I did? YES.

We all have our ups and downs. But I’m making it my mission to make real change – this foundation does that. This is more than a race. This is an opportunity to tell kids (mine, soon) that it’s ok to not feel normal. It’s ok to be different. It happens to a lot of people, and if you see a friend going through it, be there. If you go through it, talk about it. Be present, it can change a life.

Kim MacMillan

Municipal Bond Trader, P.R. Gilboy & Associates

Grace called me one night and asked me to be with Cameron. Cam was in a bad way and needed someone to be with her. I found Cam in her bedroom and she looked like she had been up all night - black mascara and tears streaming down her face. She told me she was in pain, she told me she was struggling. I held her and told her it was ok, I'm here for you.

She felt better when she was running. When she crossed the finish line at the Shamrock 1/2 marathon in Virginia Beach she was so proud. Her life ended there, and my life changed forever. Two years later, I'm proud to represent her in Germany. Her legacy lives on. I support Grace every “swim, bike, run” of the way, and I help spread Cam’s words one race at a time.

Tracy Marcus

Managing Director, Ramirez & Company

If you had told me last year I would complete a full ironman, I would have said you were crazy! What started as getting together to swim became the journey of a lifetime! Speak Up with three women, who I had known since my 20’s, was a sheer joy and blessing for me but it was supposed to be a swim group.

I always thought of the Gallagher/Handy family as just a wonderful, loving, everyday family. I never ever knew the struggles. They struggled alone and did not need too. Teenage depression and anxiety is misunderstood and yes there is a stigma. I think it’s that way because people who have not experienced this; people who do not struggle with this do not understand how someone can not personally “snap out of it” or “pick themselves up”. They get labeled.

How amazing this girl of 16 was ready to stop the stigma; knew the importance of the cause and had sense to know that she was not the only one. She was ready to be the voice and gosh…is she ever. I will tell her story, and I will continue to tell it because this is how we move forward as a more compassionate people; a more supportive and understanding people who might not be able to relate but ACCEPT.

So Challenge Roth … I am blessed to be with the girls I train with. I am blessed to be with the boys who blow by me. Its outside my comfort zone. It’s scary. It’s hard. It’s my mental therapy. It’s my out of the box. It’s my adventure. It’s for a cause so much greater than me and the awareness we can bring is what Cameron’s life on earth was all about.

Doug Farley

Vice President - Supply Chain, Sentara

I am very happy to support the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation for many reasons. As a father of a teenage daughter, I appreciate their loss and the subsequent good that they are trying to generate through her work. Cameron's legacy of good will continue and through the family and foundation, events like Challenge Roth make it possible. Their work is having a profound impact on our community of young folks. The competitiveness of these events has a way of creating great energy around a wonderful cause, and the passion and support are unprecedented.

Robert Flanigan

Owner, Black Dragon Racing

Owner & Head Coach, Central Virginia Endurance

When the tragedy of Cameron's passing happened to the Gallagher family, many of my good friends dove in head first to help them in their time of need. I, on the other hand, was paralyzed by what happened. Having a young daughter rapidly approaching her teen years, I kept inserting my daughter into the scenario and couldn’t comprehend the pain. I couldn’t imagine what I would say or how I could help so I stayed away. I figured it was “easier” to not comprehend the pain then to put myself in the middle of what I perceived to be chaos.

The more time that passed the less I understood until I attended REV3 Rush which benefited SpeakUp and found myself face to face with David and Grace. The first day of the event I heard them speak about the life altering event and found myself in tears that evening realizing that I had much to learn from them. I had avoided comprehending the pain when I was the one who needed to understand the pain. The second day of Rev3 Rush I sought out David and told him this very story and asked how I could help. With a warm smile on his face, David responded “Not sure what it is yet but we have a place for you”, and here we are today.

Jason Angel

Executive Account Specialist, Medtronic

My wife’s family has a history of anxiety and depression, which resulted in her father passing away when she was five; and numerous other family members either attempting or committing suicide. Its far better to be here on earth with your loved ones, but sometimes we get in such a deep hole; at the time that person feels that they’re a burden and this would save everyone else. One of the keys is doing everything we can to prevent the surface crack from becoming such a deep hole it appears impossible to get out of.

I saw how my son’s anxiety controlled his life at a young age. Through therapy, prescriptions, and an abundance of family and school support, he is now a happy, well adjusted young man that only occasionally feels anxious and can cope with it. He attributes these positive outcomes to all the hard work and effort early on.

Having lived through these experiences and because we’ve had negative thoughts, we know awareness, prevention, and acceptance are key to helping others.

I'm doing Roth as its an opportunity of a lifetime to be with the most amazing people who are Cameron’s voice in Speaking Up to the world that we need to Fight, Finish together, and have Faith. I cherish the friendships and camaraderie that have continued to grow through the planning, training sessions, and events. I feel blessed to have been asked and am fortunate to have the ability to race and be a part of this life changing experience.

Will Turner

Head Coach, Endorphin Freak

CEO, RefuseOrdinary

I am an ultra-endurance athlete and certified triathlon coach. While always active, I embarked on my first Ironman in 2009, after turning 50 and looking for a challenge to push my limits. That experience in New Zealand was life-changing and I have since completed over a dozen 140.6 events and one 281.2 double. I love breaking through barriers and helping others who are on their own transformative journeys.

This how I became involved with the CKG Foundation. I coached David, Grace and others on the SpeakUp team as they embarked on their first Ironman races. I was immediately impressed with the inner strength and purpose that they embraced as they built a platform for Cameron’s legacy. Over the last couple of years, I have stayed involved and committed to the work that is done by the foundation and have enjoyed ways to further the mission of helping teenagers who are struggling with mental health challenges.