Tracy Marcus

Managing Director, Ramirez & Company

If you had told me last year I would complete a full ironman, I would have said you were crazy! What started as getting together to swim became the journey of a lifetime! Speak Up with three women, who I had known since my 20’s, was a sheer joy and blessing for me but it was supposed to be a swim group.

I always thought of the Gallagher/Handy family as just a wonderful, loving, everyday family. I never ever knew the struggles. They struggled alone and did not need too. Teenage depression and anxiety is misunderstood and yes there is a stigma. I think it’s that way because people who have not experienced this; people who do not struggle with this do not understand how someone can not personally “snap out of it” or “pick themselves up”. They get labeled.

How amazing this girl of 16 was ready to stop the stigma; knew the importance of the cause and had sense to know that she was not the only one. She was ready to be the voice and gosh…is she ever. I will tell her story, and I will continue to tell it because this is how we move forward as a more compassionate people; a more supportive and understanding people who might not be able to relate but ACCEPT.

So Challenge Roth … I am blessed to be with the girls I train with. I am blessed to be with the boys who blow by me. Its outside my comfort zone. It’s scary. It’s hard. It’s my mental therapy. It’s my out of the box. It’s my adventure. It’s for a cause so much greater than me and the awareness we can bring is what Cameron’s life on earth was all about.