Robert Flanigan

Owner, Black Dragon Racing

Owner & Head Coach, Central Virginia Endurance

When the tragedy of Cameron's passing happened to the Gallagher family, many of my good friends dove in head first to help them in their time of need. I, on the other hand, was paralyzed by what happened. Having a young daughter rapidly approaching her teen years, I kept inserting my daughter into the scenario and couldn’t comprehend the pain. I couldn’t imagine what I would say or how I could help so I stayed away. I figured it was “easier” to not comprehend the pain then to put myself in the middle of what I perceived to be chaos.

The more time that passed the less I understood until I attended REV3 Rush which benefited SpeakUp and found myself face to face with David and Grace. The first day of the event I heard them speak about the life altering event and found myself in tears that evening realizing that I had much to learn from them. I had avoided comprehending the pain when I was the one who needed to understand the pain. The second day of Rev3 Rush I sought out David and told him this very story and asked how I could help. With a warm smile on his face, David responded “Not sure what it is yet but we have a place for you”, and here we are today.