Patrick Gallagher

Cameron’s Uncle

President, Dominion Merchant Services

Why couldn't Cameron openly talk about her condition without others judging her? This point hits home to me. Everybody has been affected by depression and anxiety. We would do anything we could to help them, but how can you help if you don’t know they are fighting that battle? If you have a broken leg, everybody sees your cast, and wishes you well. If you have cancer, everybody prays at yourside and supports you. Why can’t those who are suffering with depression and anxiety be treated the same? The good news is, they CAN, and they WILL.

Accordingly, David Gallagher challenged me to join the SpeakUp Race Team. Coming from being completely out of shape and way overweight just one year ago, this is quite a challenge itself. Not just to complete this race, but to carry on a mission with strength, passion and love. I am carrying Cameron's mission to tell the world: IT'S NOT OK THAT IT'S NOT OK for teens to talk about the struggles they are having with depression and anxiety. As an adult, it is my responsibility to leave this world a better place for those younger than me. It is all of our responsibility. Let’s finish this.