Parker Spencer

Exercise Physiologist

Director of Coach Operations, Endorphin Fitness

Head Cycling & Triathlon Coach, Liberty University

Recent media coverage

I will never forget the day that the endurance world heard the news of Cameron Gallagher's passing at the Shamrock Half Marathon. I have learned throughout my life that God can take a tragedy and use it to make an immense impact for a positive purpose.

Ending the stigma associated with mental illness and bringing awareness to teenage depression is personal to me because I believe it has saved two of my closest friends' lives. I will never forget the day that one of my best friends told me he was depressed and struggled with thoughts of suicide. I did not know what to say or do. I remember listening to him and praying at the same time asking God to give me the words to say.

I feel extremely blessed to have the Gallagher's in my life and to daily hear how this foundation is making an impact. It did for my friend. When David approached me about racing Challenge Roth to raise awareness, I immediately wanted to jump on the opportunity.

FIGHT. FINISH. FAITH. Let's finish this!