Dr. Marion Herring

Advanced Orthopaedic

Director, CKG Foundation

I am truly excited about racing Challenge Roth with the SpeakUp team. I chose to join this incredible foundation because the cause of “speaking up” for teenage depression and anxiety has become an important part of my family and a true inspiration for my own kids as they have developed. Triathlon racing is important to me because I can set goals, work toward achieving them, and really stretch my limits. Around this sport, we developed the Steel Hammer Tri Club. This group of athletes are incredible men that are great husbands, dads, professionals but most of all good role models for my family. Less than 2 years ago, we became involved with the Gallaghers. Even though I have raced all over the world, raced for 2 USA teams and twice achieved my goal of qualifying and racing Kona Ironman World Championships, I am now racing and representing a much greater cause. This truly selfish sport has become a platform for spreading a message of acceptance, education, and tolerance. This race allows this team to further the incredible legacy that Cameron Gallagher has provided. We will each train for this race in our separate way. We will spread the word and fundraise in our own circles. We will race together with one purpose. “ Fight, Finish, Faith”