Jeff Tunstall

President, Craftmaster Homes

Director, CKG Foundation

I never met Cameron but over the last two years I have grown to know her. We talk. Me with my words, her with signs, visions, feelings, and people I come in contact with.

When I was training for Ironman Arizona, I was in much pain, but I continued to train. At an Ironman race, you have a "catcher" waiting for you at the finish line. This person helps you in anyway they can. When I crossed the finish line, I raised my hands to the sky to point towards Cameron. Throughout the day she continued to remind me to fight, finish, and have faith. After crossing the line, my catcher asked me if I was OK. I said, “I need a few minutes because I am praying to Cameron,” and she asked, “Who is Cameron?” I tried to explain the best I could, but it didn't quite come out very well. On Monday, Grace received an email from Nancy Cutler. Nancy was my catcher. Nancy is a pediatric cardiologist who has dedicated her life to help detect early stages of heart conditions in teenagers like the one that Cameron died from. So as you can see, the reason why I kept going was because Cameron wanted me to meet Nancy and help spread the word.