Jason Angel

Executive Account Specialist, Medtronic

My wife’s family has a history of anxiety and depression, which resulted in her father passing away when she was five; and numerous other family members either attempting or committing suicide. Its far better to be here on earth with your loved ones, but sometimes we get in such a deep hole; at the time that person feels that they’re a burden and this would save everyone else. One of the keys is doing everything we can to prevent the surface crack from becoming such a deep hole it appears impossible to get out of.

I saw how my son’s anxiety controlled his life at a young age. Through therapy, prescriptions, and an abundance of family and school support, he is now a happy, well adjusted young man that only occasionally feels anxious and can cope with it. He attributes these positive outcomes to all the hard work and effort early on.

Having lived through these experiences and because we’ve had negative thoughts, we know awareness, prevention, and acceptance are key to helping others.

I'm doing Roth as its an opportunity of a lifetime to be with the most amazing people who are Cameron’s voice in Speaking Up to the world that we need to Fight, Finish together, and have Faith. I cherish the friendships and camaraderie that have continued to grow through the planning, training sessions, and events. I feel blessed to have been asked and am fortunate to have the ability to race and be a part of this life changing experience.