Grace Gallagher

Cameron's Mom

Executive Director, Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation

“For you, I will never be afraid again.” I leaned down and kissed that spot right where the hairline met her forehead. I promised Cameron. I don’t break promises, especially to my children. There were many nights I laid in bed with Cameron holding her hands. She asked me to. She was afraid of herself, afraid of what she may do to herself in this dark place she wanted so bad to leave. So we held hands, alone in her bed. She did not need to be afraid, I had her.

There are so many out there laying in their beds afraid, alone and may not have a hand to hold. They don’t have hope to hold. I will hold their hand, I will hold their hope and I will fight for them with every stroke of the swim, every pedal of the bike and every step of the run. They deserve it, they are worth it all.

As the sun rises early race morning and I feel the fear of the swim creep into my veins I will close my eyes, I will remember the smell of her hair, the feel of her perfect skin and my promise I made to my girl, my Cameron. I will breathe in my promise and breathe out my resolve. Cameron will hold my hand. She will whisper in my ear “I’ve got you.” – I am counting on it.

When I cross the finish line, I will continue the race. The race full of purpose to bring awareness, education, help and most of all hope to all those out there fighting the good fight.