Clair Norman

Cameron’s Aunt

Writer, Yoga Instructor, Natural Awakenings Magazine of Greater Richmond

Cameron, my niece and a light in this world for all time, inspires every single day. She did from the moment she was born - a force to be reckoned with and a voice to be heard. The ache of the miss of this beautiful child will never go away but it is relieved with her purpose and mission that is now also mine. We strive to erase stigmas associated with anxiety, depression and mental illness. We promote authenticity and loving the whole person while providing tools to teens through schools and special free programming. And its working. And I'm working. Hard. To ready my body and mind for the DATEV-Challenge long-distance triathlon. All for Her. All for This. All for the Rest of Us. We are taking the message and Cameron's story overseas. I am honored to be in fellowship with this fleet of amazing athletes with the same Cameron K. Gallagher - Fight, Finish, Faith mantra.