David Gallagher

Cameron’s Dad

CEO, Dominion Payroll Services

Chairman, CKG Foundation

Each day I wake up committed to Cameron's cause because I love her as a daughter. But I work for her dream, because I believe in her message. Speaking up for those that need help, specifically teens with depression and anxiety. I've channeled all of my grief and horror into her light and her purpose, and it is there that I find her as if she never left me. I swim, bike and run, next to my friends and my daughter and I can imagine no place that I'd rather be. Suffering for those that can't, and helping those in need. It's an insignificant price to pay in the name of this amazing young lady, Cameron Gallagher. Every drop of sweat, every forward step, I offer to her.

Grace Gallagher

Cameron's Mom

Executive Director, Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation

“For you, I will never be afraid again.” I leaned down and kissed that spot right where the hairline met her forehead. I promised Cameron. I don’t break promises, especially to my children. There were many nights I laid in bed with Cameron holding her hands. She asked me to. She was afraid of herself, afraid of what she may do to herself in this dark place she wanted so bad to leave. So we held hands, alone in her bed. She did not need to be afraid, I had her.

There are so many out there laying in their beds afraid, alone and may not have a hand to hold. They don’t have hope to hold. I will hold their hand, I will hold their hope and I will fight for them with every stroke of the swim, every pedal of the bike and every step of the run. They deserve it, they are worth it all.

As the sun rises early race morning and I feel the fear of the swim creep into my veins I will close my eyes, I will remember the smell of her hair, the feel of her perfect skin and my promise I made to my girl, my Cameron. I will breathe in my promise and breathe out my resolve. Cameron will hold my hand. She will whisper in my ear “I’ve got you.” – I am counting on it.

When I cross the finish line, I will continue the race. The race full of purpose to bring awareness, education, help and most of all hope to all those out there fighting the good fight.

Clair Norman

Cameron’s Aunt

Writer, Yoga Instructor, Natural Awakenings Magazine of Greater Richmond

Cameron, my niece and a light in this world for all time, inspires every single day. She did from the moment she was born - a force to be reckoned with and a voice to be heard. The ache of the miss of this beautiful child will never go away but it is relieved with her purpose and mission that is now also mine. We strive to erase stigmas associated with anxiety, depression and mental illness. We promote authenticity and loving the whole person while providing tools to teens through schools and special free programming. And its working. And I'm working. Hard. To ready my body and mind for the DATEV-Challenge long-distance triathlon. All for Her. All for This. All for the Rest of Us. We are taking the message and Cameron's story overseas. I am honored to be in fellowship with this fleet of amazing athletes with the same Cameron K. Gallagher - Fight, Finish, Faith mantra.

Patrick Gallagher

Cameron’s Uncle

President, Dominion Merchant Services

Why couldn't Cameron openly talk about her condition without others judging her? This point hits home to me. Everybody has been affected by depression and anxiety. We would do anything we could to help them, but how can you help if you don’t know they are fighting that battle? If you have a broken leg, everybody sees your cast, and wishes you well. If you have cancer, everybody prays at yourside and supports you. Why can’t those who are suffering with depression and anxiety be treated the same? The good news is, they CAN, and they WILL.

Accordingly, David Gallagher challenged me to join the SpeakUp Race Team. Coming from being completely out of shape and way overweight just one year ago, this is quite a challenge itself. Not just to complete this race, but to carry on a mission with strength, passion and love. I am carrying Cameron's mission to tell the world: IT'S NOT OK THAT IT'S NOT OK for teens to talk about the struggles they are having with depression and anxiety. As an adult, it is my responsibility to leave this world a better place for those younger than me. It is all of our responsibility. Let’s finish this.

Jeff Tunstall

President, Craftmaster Homes

Director, CKG Foundation

I never met Cameron but over the last two years I have grown to know her. We talk. Me with my words, her with signs, visions, feelings, and people I come in contact with.

When I was training for Ironman Arizona, I was in much pain, but I continued to train. At an Ironman race, you have a "catcher" waiting for you at the finish line. This person helps you in anyway they can. When I crossed the finish line, I raised my hands to the sky to point towards Cameron. Throughout the day she continued to remind me to fight, finish, and have faith. After crossing the line, my catcher asked me if I was OK. I said, “I need a few minutes because I am praying to Cameron,” and she asked, “Who is Cameron?” I tried to explain the best I could, but it didn't quite come out very well. On Monday, Grace received an email from Nancy Cutler. Nancy was my catcher. Nancy is a pediatric cardiologist who has dedicated her life to help detect early stages of heart conditions in teenagers like the one that Cameron died from. So as you can see, the reason why I kept going was because Cameron wanted me to meet Nancy and help spread the word.

Parker Spencer

Exercise Physiologist

Director of Coach Operations, Endorphin Fitness

Head Cycling & Triathlon Coach, Liberty University

Recent media coverage

I will never forget the day that the endurance world heard the news of Cameron Gallagher's passing at the Shamrock Half Marathon. I have learned throughout my life that God can take a tragedy and use it to make an immense impact for a positive purpose.

Ending the stigma associated with mental illness and bringing awareness to teenage depression is personal to me because I believe it has saved two of my closest friends' lives. I will never forget the day that one of my best friends told me he was depressed and struggled with thoughts of suicide. I did not know what to say or do. I remember listening to him and praying at the same time asking God to give me the words to say.

I feel extremely blessed to have the Gallagher's in my life and to daily hear how this foundation is making an impact. It did for my friend. When David approached me about racing Challenge Roth to raise awareness, I immediately wanted to jump on the opportunity.

FIGHT. FINISH. FAITH. Let's finish this!

Justin Moyer

Field Clinical Rep, Boston Scientific

I met David 7 years ago and instantly gravitated towards him because of his tireless positive energy. He has inspired me to be a better father, husband and friend. I want to ensure that there is an outlet for my children's generation like the CKG foundation, so my goal with completing Challenge Roth is to continue to spread Cameron's inspiration to those that need it.

Dr. Marion Herring

Advanced Orthopaedic

Director, CKG Foundation

I am truly excited about racing Challenge Roth with the SpeakUp team. I chose to join this incredible foundation because the cause of “speaking up” for teenage depression and anxiety has become an important part of my family and a true inspiration for my own kids as they have developed. Triathlon racing is important to me because I can set goals, work toward achieving them, and really stretch my limits. Around this sport, we developed the Steel Hammer Tri Club. This group of athletes are incredible men that are great husbands, dads, professionals but most of all good role models for my family. Less than 2 years ago, we became involved with the Gallaghers. Even though I have raced all over the world, raced for 2 USA teams and twice achieved my goal of qualifying and racing Kona Ironman World Championships, I am now racing and representing a much greater cause. This truly selfish sport has become a platform for spreading a message of acceptance, education, and tolerance. This race allows this team to further the incredible legacy that Cameron Gallagher has provided. We will each train for this race in our separate way. We will spread the word and fundraise in our own circles. We will race together with one purpose. “ Fight, Finish, Faith”